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Pest Control Services

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Pixa Company offers state of the art pest control services throughout the Philippines. Equipped with the latest technology and system in repelling pests, and protecting house from pest infestation, Pixa company will surely your best choice for complete structural protection.
Pixa Company Pest Control Philippines 16,008,619
Online store for EnviroCair sanitizing disinfectant in the Philippines, Mozzi-Mort water based insecticidal coating in the Philippines, Mozzi-Trap photocatalyst mosquito fly trap in the Philippines\"
Biotech.Philippines 18,197,461
TOPBEST PEST SERVICES, INC. was established in 1997 by Filipino entrepreneur, Florentino A. Lazaro with the mission of providing continuing protection from pests to households as well as commercial establishments in the Philippines.
Pest Control Services Philippines 23,864,728
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