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This is a community blog with articles about Filipinos, the Philippines, Filipino food, habits and traits.
Definitely Filipino™ | The Blog for Online Fi.. 141,783
PhilPad is a website serving different topics about the Philippines and the world inspired to give useful information to all Filipinos-from travel to foods, Filipino recipes, jobs, visa, politics and government, hotspots, movies, gadgets, blogs, Philippine trends and a lot more Filipino stuff, PhilPad is anything in between.
PhilPad 147,910
this blog discuss topics related to technology, life, girlfriend, health, wellness 255,273
213 334,785
Guides for new arrivals and interested locals where to get specialty food items and recipes.
Market Manila 572,040
363 760,702
Personal Blog of Kryz Uy
Kryzuy | 771,740
Online blog about technology, Wordpress, Wordpress themes and plugins, gadgets, blogging news and tips by Jaypee Habaradas
JaypeeOnline 816,531
Personal site of a Filipina, married to a Korean, living and working in Seoul.
Buhay sa Korea 1,191,550
A Work at Home Mom, a Full-time Blogger, a Wordpress Enthusiast, an Online and Offline Consumer, a Bookworm and MORE! | Pinay Mommy Online
Pinay Mommy Online 1,347,761
Twisted by Jessica Zafra – Pumping irony since 1994
Jessica Rules the Universe 2,336,279
Sasha says is about Current Issues, Reviews and Work at Home. Current Issues like what’s being talked about in the society at the moment. If there are scandals in the government, important matters affecting each one of us, issues regarding the internet, blogging and everything related to it. That’s what will fall under Current Issues. Reviews will obviously be about reviews I do and get paid for. Work at Home will be about the pros and cons of working at home. The perks that go with it. The downslide of staying at home and all that.
Sasha says… 2,352,621
a photoblog of my travels and events and everything in between.....
Pusang Kalye 2,573,416
Isang e-zine para sa mga kabataang Pilipino ang Naglalaman ito ng mga personal essays, lathalain, tula, maikling kuwento, at komentaryo tungkol pambansang usapin na sinulat ng mga kabataang Pilipino. 2,697,015
This blog is about my “new normal” which I struggled to achieve after the sudden death of my 6 year old son, Luijoe on May 27, 2000. Still a work in progress, I am now in my renewal stage where my grief has moved on towards a positive resolution.
Filipina Mom Blogger 2,999,005
Learn about life in the Philippines from the perspective of young Filipino parents struggling to balance career and family. Interesting page on identifying one s Guardian Angel.
A Filipino Family on the Net 3,163,130
Practical Soulfood For Successful People 3,666,244
Defining the edge of abstract electronics arts. Personal blog of Jehzeel Laurente.
Jehzlau Concepts 4,067,944
A blog about Freebies, Promos, Contests, in and around the Philippines
Philippine Freebies, Promos, Contests, and MORE! 4,436,125
Health issues, day-by-day life, venues and resources.
Manila Gay Guy 4,545,649
Official Personal Site of Brother Vince J Celeste, FMS; a member of the congregation of teaching brothers, the Marist Brothers of the Schools. 5,268,958
Personal blog of Robert \"Bob\" Reyes from Manila, Philippines discussing personal technology, business, rants & raves
TurfSite Manila 5,386,900
The Philippines beyond Manila. 5,807,012
Most of the time, I’m just at home being online. ... I also watch some asian dramas which of course I tend to watch because the actresses are very pretty. Uhh I also like to play games. ... Some were abandoned because I changed blog hosts, because I lost the motivation to continue, and sometimes because I forgot my password and the email I used to register with that blog. I realized that blogging religiously is not an easy task. ... 5,910,671
on marriage, everything in between and thereafter
Marriage and Beyond 5,970,017
MommaWannabe: A woman\'s journey through Motherhood
MommaWannabe 6,013,346
1,033 is conceptualized, developed, managed and maintained by Jay de Jesus. Jay has been a resident of Marikina City for the past 26 years and grew up in SSS Village, Concepcion Dos. Jay is an internet consultant, blogger, photography enthusiast, & musical arranger.
Marikina Life 6,018,580
Balita, Showbiz, Tsismis, Gadgets atbp
PinoyWeb 6,362,422
A web blog owned by Glenn Ong a.k.a. GLICH. It basically talks about his life, rants and raves, and just about anything new, unique, and interesting stuff for others to read.
GLICH'S LFE :: Blogging by Glenn Ong 7,219,830
PinoyTeens.Net is Philippines #1 Youth Blog. Created by Teens, for Teens. Proudly made in the Philippines by fellow Pinoy Teens and Youth.
Pinoy Teens New Media 7,368,042
insanity squeezed through inspiration or the lack thereof.
The Filipino Web 8,431,453
Chizmizan with Chuva 9,667,127
Downloader - Helping you find the best stuff on the web.
I Am Downloader 10,637,190
iKUWADERNO or interactive KUWADERNO is a literary, news and current affairs folio of FabCast, a Fabportal OnLine official publication owned and maintained by isl30fvi3w. iKUWADERNO Covers News, Entertainment, Politics and more. 11,507,119
Welcome to the official website of the himantayons of the world.
Himantayon: A True Story 11,571,076
I Set No Corner
I Set No Corner 11,859,636
Here at BaconTunaMelt, we talk about things related to bacon, tuna, melts, and all other things that make happy bellies. Like ice cream. And chicken. And jellybeans. And lollipops. And steaks.
BaconTunaMelt 13,456,752
Making Sense, Cents and Scenes from the Philippines
joanjoyce 13,555,279
Life of an executive turned micro entrepreneur
Sonnie Santos 13,626,695
Geeky KAT. because geek is chic.
Geeky KAT 14,864,773
A juggling life of a Filipino-Chinese mom between family, work, finance, jobs and online money making...
Random thoughts about digital scrapbooking, recipes, movies, teleseries, certain products and services, online blogging and many more.
Nita's Random Thoughts 15,077,649
a simple personal website of mr. rhodyl ambloza. 15,331,743
A web designer's perspective and everything under his sun
Filipino Web Designer Designs 15,957,303
A whole lot of candiness. The sweetest candy in the world. Where Flair is variable and Candy is constant :P Fashion, Beauty, Events, Lifestyle, Finance and Business, Travel, Photography and much more of my interests.
Flair Candy 15,972,325
Freelance webdesign and flash design services by Glenn
Filipino Freelance Webdesigner 16,054,373
1,565 Blog Blog 16,140,257
Website and blog of JC John Sese Cuneta, a writer, blogger, community manager, web developer
The Hæven of John™ 16,469,217
And Be Thumbed underwent another transformation again… I think I finally found my muse… So from now on I am going to write about design, web development, wordpress and of course a few sundry topics here and there. I don’t actually keep a diary or a journal, so Be Thumbed will serve as my journal… my post it note in cyberspace.
Be Thumbed - I code Poetry 16,925,705
Originally sharing his experiences of being a \"yagit\" in Davao, he now tries to find his luck in the busy district of Makati. He still finds time to blog and go on weekend trips despite his hectic schedule. Join Batang Yagit, now that he has developed from \"rags\" to a more abundant supply of rags.
Batang Yagit 17,157,960
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