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Medical and Dental Clinics and Labs

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Provides medical diagnostic testing, information, branches, health tips and services.
Hi Precision Diagnostics 612,039
Composed of highly trained physicians led by Dr. Victoria Belo in cosmetic surgery.
Belo Medical Center 857,331
Halcyon Marine Healthcare Systems began operations in January 2007. The main objective was to set up a quality maritime medical facility that not only ensured the health and safety of the seafarer but was also truly responsive to the needs and expectations of both the patient and the client. This was done by: Reviewing, revising and updating existing medical policies and guidelines based on actual medical statistics and clinical experience.
Halcyon Marine Healthcare Systems 2,588,682
Welcome to Beverly Hills Medical Group - the largest U.S. owned and operated state of the art Ambulatory Multi-Specialty Surgery Center in Asia. With locations in Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and now ... International requirements, BHMG is positioned to be the world leader in Medical Tourism. BHMG is a professionally managed medical services corporation led by President and CEO Maria M. ... Multi-Specialty Surgery Centers in the U.S.. ... Rebujio, is also the owner, President and CEO of ... 5,139,155
Number 1 rhinoplasty in the philippines, advanced rhinoplasty and cosmetic enhancement
Shimmian Manila Surgicenter 9,271,998
Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in the Philippines. Beaufaces Offers Cosmetic Surgery and Facial Services. Each Procedure is to be Conducted by Dr. Benjamin Alonzo.
Beaufaces Facial Center 11,908,710
Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry. Dentist,Take a vacation and have a Dentist provide: Dental Implants, Porcelain Crown or Bridge,Genral Dentistry, Long Span, Ceramic or Metal Crowns, Holiday in the Philippines, Flexite flexible nylon partial dentures while taking a vacation in the Philippines.
DYDENT Dental Tours to the Philippines 11,909,500
Dr. Almond Derla obtained his medical degree at St. Luke’s College of Medicine-William H. Quasha Memorial and completed his Clinical Training at St. Luke’s Medical Center. After his completion of his three year Dermatology training under the tutelage of Dr. Vinson B. Pineda of Dermatology Institute Foundation of the Philippines
La Estetica Dermatology Cosmetic Surgery & .. 14,967,343
Elite Scientific & Diagnostic Intl. Supplies Corp was established in 1995,pioneering in modern design for laboratory modular furniture in the Philippines. The only company who manufacture a quality of INTERNATIONAL LABORATORY STANDARD and safety features. Raw materials are imported from counter tops, fittings and other accessories. We customized design and lay-out for laboratory design based on customer’s needs and requirements that suit a very satisfying commendable service. We cater to different institutions like private and government hospitals, schools, universities, food and beverage industries, research laboratories, oil and gas industry, petro-chemical, mining and diagnostic clinics all over Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Our Products 1.) Laboratory Modular Furniture Laminar Flow, Fumehoods, Balance Table, Emergency Shower, Flexible Exhaust System, gas outlets, sink and fittings, Fumehood Exhaust System, Pegboard, Chemical Cabinets, Blood Donor chair and bed. 2.) Reception counters, Office tables and partitions, furnitures and chairs, hanging cabinets, etc. 3.) Kitchen Cabinets, Toilet partition and lockers 4.) Biological Safety Cabinets Class II Type A, A2, B2, B3, Cleanroom, Animal containment hood, CO2 incubator, cell culture, autoclave, PCR. 5.) Diagnostic products – Abbott Laboratories (ARCHITECT Immunology Analyzer, Chemistry Analyzer, Celldyne-Hematology Analyzer) with LIS-Laboratory Integrated System. 6.) ATCC Quality Controls. laboratory equipment, laboratory equipments, medical equipment, wood furniture, lab equipment, fume hood, laboratory tools and equipments, laboratory furniture, medical equipments, hospital equipment, science equipment, cabinetry, science lab, laboratory supplies, laboratory supplies philippines, chemistry equipment, school laboratory, laboratory cabinets, laboratory equipment suppliers in the philippines, laboratory table, laboratory furniture manufacturers, diagnostics products, diagnostic reagent, furniture store, office furniture, office furniture philippines, office equipment, home furniture, computer desk, modern furniture ,office partitions, home furniture philippines, office furniture supplier,modular furniture
Elite Scientific & Diagnostic Intl. Supplies Corp 15,688,425
Established in March 2009, VAXCEN Inc. is a Filipino company engaged in promoting awareness on the importance of vaccination. Being the Philippine\'s only vaccination services company which offers special vaccination packages with easy payment schemes to clients, VAXCEN Inc. caters to various institutions such as schools, offices, factories, religious groups, cooperatives, homeowners, etc. Our extensive knowledge on vaccination services is a plus factor, with our vaccination services being administered by our staff of experienced doctors and nurses. Our vaccines are all BFAD registered and are supplied by reputable and world class manufacturers from Europe and Canada.
VaxCen - Protecting You Always 15,951,624
JANISSA HEALTHCARE PHILIPPINES INC aims to provide innovative and affordable medical supplies and equipment sourced from reliable and reputable companies all over the world.
Janissa Healthcare Philippines Inc. 19,172,032
Skincare science from hair to scalp, face, body --- Slimming products / Whitening products / Anti-Aging
Asian Clinic 19,268,714
Best in Vaser Liposuction in Philippines, trained in Vaser High Definition Liposculpture, first and only in Manila Philippines
Roura Derm Surgery 19,687,746
A good personal outlook produces confidence. Confidence helps one to face the everyday challenges of life; the self and the image we project to the society determine the roles we play, the people we meet and the lives we lead. Beauty, physical and internal, produces a confidence that enables one to explore one\'s potential to the fullest. Ultimately, confidence in your own skin is the source and the promise of beauty.
Dermstrata 19,688,795
Excellence is what best describes the work of Dr. Milarosa Chua-Samson. For about 16 years in Dental practice, she developed and refined the techniques and procedures that have become the standard for many dentists in Manila. Local residents of the Philippines, people who make a living with their smiles like local celebrities, singers & politicians and even foreigners have already visited our dental clinic.
Manila Dental Services 19,691,260
Ever since, the company is able to uphold its vision of offering their expertise not only to the rich and famous but also to the ordinary Filipino as well. Because Doctors Manny and Pie Calayan confidently believes that beauty is not only a commodity but a privilege as well. That is why they wanted to provide this privilege to everyone. In return their patrons have given them their outmost trust. Calayan Surgicentre Corporation will always find means to do better and serve better not only our supporters but every Filipino as well. Truly, our future will always be dedicated to providing everything at its best.
Calayan Surgicentre Corp 19,763,906
Aesthetic and cosmetic surgery services. Profile, details, procedures, FAQs and contact information.
Beaufaces Cosmetic Surgery & Dermacure Center 24,133,073
Calayan® Surgicenter Inc believe that the tell-tale signs of age, stress and less-than-perfect lifestyles can be reversed. With a comprehensive line of cosmetic, aesthetic laser and dermatological services ranging from pampering facials to body sculpting, the medical experts of Calayan® will work to unveil your true beauty.
Calayan 24,740,394
Beverly Hills 6750 Multi-Specialty Aesthetic Institute is one of Asia\'s premiere centers dedicated to excellence in aesthetic services and positive transformation in our patients’ lives.
Beverly Hills 6750 25,786,391
At envie, our treatments are committed to proven technologies in fat reduction, cellulite elimination, body sculpting and weight loss. Our non invasive, non surgical slimming and body contouring programs have proven to deliver visible and lasting effects overtime. On top of our body treatments, we also offer other services covering the total wellness of our clientele.
Envie Slim and Sculpt no rank
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