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Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco) is one of the pioneers in the biscuit industry and a leader in the fast moving consumer goods industry in the Philippines. From a basic portfolio of biscuits such as the famous and pioneering Rebisco Cracker Sandwiches that generations of Filipinos have loved, Rebisco now carries a wide variety of snack food ranging from nuts and seeds, cakes, wafer sticks, chips, curls, candies and gums.
Rebisco 438,801
Manufacturer of brand food products and beverages with recipes and food preparation resource.
Nestle 738,145
Bake shop with showcase of cakes, breads and pastries, rolls and speciality products.
Red Ribbon Bakeshop 757,931
Food, beverage and packaging company in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Includes company and investor information.
San Miguel Corporation 757,959
Private firm managing the water services of the western zone of Metro Manila. Provides company profile, news and service interruptions, rates and contact information.
Maynilad Water Services, Inc. 931,219
Monde Nissin Corporation has been giving Filipino consumers quality products and excellent service for the past 23 years. Our brand names include Lucky Me!, Nissin, Monde, Sky Flakes, and Fita
Monde Nissin Corporation 946,750
San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. is the largest Filipino-owned food company, with nearly 3,000 employees deployed in a broad nationwide network of offices, farms, manufacturing, processing and distribution facilities. It holds in its portfolio the names of some of the most formidable brands in the Philippine food industry, among them, Magnolia, Purefoods, Monterey, Star and Dari Crème. B-Meg and Pure Blend, on the other hand, are the market-leaders in the Animal Feeds industry.
San Miguel Pure Foods Company, Inc. 1,162,235
Collection of modern Filipino recipes as well as educational information about vegetarian diets.
Filipino Vegetarian Recipes 1,240,432
Official site of the nations capital potable water resource. Has full service and contact information.
Manila Water Company 1,675,148
Century Pacific Food, Inc.
Century Pacific Food, Inc. 1,955,011
Mary Grace has been delighting customers with ensaymadas of consistent quality and just-baked-freshness. Nothing artificial, just honest-to-goodness premium ingredients. Mary Grace bakes them, her kids put them in boxes and off they go to stores where one can’t help but buy a box for family and friends!
Mary Grace Foods 2,005,454
Colette’s Buko Pie at Pasalubong is a good manufacturing and retail business that produces a variety of pies, rice cakes and pastries, with buko pie as its carrier product. It also sells native delicacies (pasalubong) and confections sourced from various suppliers.
Colette's Buko Pie at Pasalubong 2,110,017
Ginebra San Miguel, Inc. or commonly known as GSMI, grew out of a family-owned Spanish era distillery which, in 1834, introduced what was to become the company\'s flagship brand and the largest selling, first ever Philippine gin in the world – Ginebra San Miguel.
Ginebra San Miguel 2,123,558
San Miguel Foods Inc. (formerly Monterey Farms Corporation) it is the country\'s largest hog and cattle operation, with the latest technology in feed milling, breeding, livestock raising, slaughtering, meat retailing, and meat processing. Monterey meat have gone through an advanced blast-chilling process right after slaughter so bacterial growth is neutralized and freshness and nutrition is locked in.
Monterey 2,497,702
Monde M.Y. San Corporation, where the best of all worlds in quality and product excellence may be found, as embodied in our flagship brands, SkyFlakes crackers and Fita crackers.
Monde M.Y. San Corporation 2,902,419
Universal Robina Corporation
Universal Robina dot com 2,957,960
Zest-O Corporation was established as a privately owned family corporation in May 1981 to engage in the manufacture and distribution of food products in the Philippines. Established as SEMEXCO MARKETING CORPORATION, the company adopted the name of its flagship brand in 1995 taking pride in the phenomenal success of Zest-O, the No. 1 Juice Drink in the Philippines
Zest-O Corporation 3,146,900
Please email: for your additional information needs. 3,375,223
Magnolia Chicken
Magnolia Chicken 3,982,316
#1 Extra Strong Beer
Red Horse Beer 4,634,598
Offers a free collection of traditional Philippine recipes with easy to follow cooking instructions.
Filipino Recipes 4,832,162
In early 2002, a sparkling group of marketing and manufacturing experts pooled their strengths to establish a new soft drink company. Antonio Panajon, Gerry Garcia and Butch Aves teamed up with businessman Ricky Sandoval and food and beverage entrepreneur Fred Yao. Sharing the same passion and ideals as Royal Crown Cola International, they were awarded with the exclusive license to manufacture and distribute RC cola in the Philippines. Their vision was to offer a truly satisfying cola drink at an affordable price.
Rc Cola 4,998,122
Beautiful, classic and fun cakes for your wedding in Manila, Philippines.
The Cake Artist - Judy Uson 5,132,399
Traditional bake shop. View products, photos, company profile, locations, services and contacts.
Goldilocks 5,187,280
Holy Carabao Holistic Farms in the countryside of Sta. Rosa, Laguna is a quaint farm amidst fields of talahib and a small forest of narra and mahogany trees. We practice organic and biodynamic farming so that all the vegetables we produce are healthy, nutritious and abundant with live enzymes. Organic farming utilizes natural compost and nutrients in place of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to ensure that both the produce and the soil that nourishes it are free from toxins.
Holy Carabao Holistic Farm, Inc. 5,267,051
Aquabest Structured Water, perfection Through technology
Aquabest 5,281,213
Brownies Unlimited
Brownies Unlimited 5,886,717
The Great Food Club has been in the forefront of the San Miguel - Purefoods Group’s efforts to reach the Filipino household. The Culinary Center also conducts activities such as mall cooking demonstrations, culinary workshops, cooking contests, livelihood and educational seminars, and the distribution of newsletters to keep the consumers updated on the latest trends in food. We also respond to the many requests for recipes and homemaking tips from consumers.
San Miguel Great Food Club 6,088,142
COCOWONDER is a Coconut and Cacao Product Division of ANDY ALBAO ENTERPRISE - A Filipino owned company organized on January 2007 and was engaged in Processing of High Quality Coconut and Cacao Products.
Cocowonder 6,159,445
Our goal is to be one of the principal producers of bakery products in the Philippines. This goal will be attained thru our continuous production of top quality products while providing excellent customer service.
Bakers' Fair 7,048,311
General Milling Corporation (GMC) has been in existence in the Philippines for more than five decades. It is among the biggest integrated food companies in the Philippines and is known for its passion in quality products.
General Milling Corporation 7,429,573
San Miguel Beer List| San Miguel Strong Ice, San Miguel Red Horse, San Mig Premium, Gold Eagle Beer, San Miguel Pale Pilsen, Cerveza Negra, San Mig Light, and San Miguel Super Dry
San Miguel Beer 7,611,951
Immerse yourself in a yummy & enticing experience. Browse through our cake and pastry products. Check out our scrumptuos Moist Chocolate Cake and other delightfully yummy favorites that will leave you wanting more. Perfect Endings Manila.
Perfect Endings Manila 9,141,586
Indulge your passion with just one click. is your complete and mouth-watering guide to everything food. Jumpstart your foodie adventures right here: discover and uncover our amazing database of delightful recipes and delicious dining destinations, powered with easy-to-use search engines. Read filling features, useful culinary tips and tricks, honest reviews and entertaining blog posts by our expert editors and fellow foodies. Feel free to comment and contribute your own stories as well – this site is for everyone who loves food. Truly a feast for the eyes, with its incredibly appetizing visuals, and a feast for your stomach! 11,137,419
Today, Titay\'s oven has never stopped producing quality homebaked goodies using artisan methods and with Lola Titay\'s well-guarded recipe. Their products now include torta, penato, ensaimada, pastries, and assorted breads. In 2007, Titay\'s marked its 100th anniversary. Rosquillos has become the common name for the cookie favorite for pasalubong and anytime treat. But it was Mama Titay who gave the world the first rosquillos.
Titay's 11,812,793
Mita's Bakeshop Cookies and Pastries
Mita's Bakeshop Cookies and Pastries 11,816,072
Foodamn Philippines is a Philippine-based food related blogs. This site contains random content and images about Philippines\' interesting foodie, stuff, people, places and events.
Foodamn 13,820,519
Welcome to premiere online cookbook. With hundreds of Recipes to choose from, Sorted by the Main Ingredient, the Type of Meal, Various Cuisine, Forums, Chat, Info, Tips and Reviews of Food Items, Chef\'s and much more, FoodByts is your number one resource for a healthy and sumptuous meals. is your one stop online cookbook. 15,551,989
Manufacturer of fresh and processed fruits, marine products, snack foods, agricultural produce, sauces, noodles, and the trading of hundreds of different food and non-food items.
Newton Food Products Mfg. Co., Inc. 17,820,731
The Purefoods-Hormel Company, Inc. is the largest producer and marketer of processed meats in the Philippines.
Purefoods-Hormel Company, Inc. 17,929,611
Del Monte Kitchenomics | The best free Filipino recipes, kitchen
Del Monte Kitchenomics 18,406,100
Gone are the days when people believed that what\'s good for the body is often unpleasant to one\'s palate. We also want to battle the usual assumption that all mouthwatering desserts are loaded with fat, calories and sugar. With our frozen yogurt treats, one can enjoy health AND flavor all in one cup!
Yoh Froz 18,773,859
Boba are those tiny bites you see at the bottom of the drink and the Boba Milk Tea is brewed from selected premium tea leaves and creamy calcium-rich milk. Boba Milk Tea is the drink you personalize from infinity of flavors and bites options down to the intensity of its sweetness
Boba Milk Tea 18,795,308
Lydia Tecson-Veneracion started Bulacan Sweets in 1970 with only one shelf and counted ten kinds of delicacies from her native town of Bulacan being sold. Among these were pastillas de leche, ube, yema and candied fruits. Today it has grown to a bustling enterprise with thirteen outlets around Metro Manila, selling assorted products. She also increased her product line with bottling and canning of bagoong, lechon paksiw, taba ng talangka (fat crab paste) and binagoongan (shrimp paste). In addition, the company also offers delicacies from other provinces such as the pili nuts from Bicol, vinegar from Bulacan, bocayo from Pangasinan, broas from Quezon and honey from Palawan.
Bulacan Sweets & Delicacies Center 18,815,313
Magnolia has been making every meal a delight for 30 years since it started in 1981 as a business unit of San Miguel Corporation\'s Magnolia Ice Cream Division.
Magnolia 18,892,468
Philippine producer of canned and pouched sardines. Product and company details.
Mega Sardines 19,176,549
ANDOK\'S is primarily engaged in the business of selling litson manok (roasted chicken). Over time, ANDOK\'S had evolved and added a new concept to its main business of offering roasted chicken, and that is the concept of specialty grocery store offering a host of products, including beer, an assortment of beverages, rice, sugar, and other grocery products.
Andoks Litson Corporation 19,424,085
The Magnolia Ice Cream Plant is the cornerstone of Magnolia’s legacy in making the finest ice cream in Philippine history. A symbol of Magnolia’s commitment to provide families with products and services of superior quality and excellent taste. A showcase of the best equipment and technology in ice cream production.
Magnolia Ice Cream 19,981,978
Welcome to my blog called Junk Foodie dot Com. My blog will about every chichiria or junk food I find and then post it here. Seems ridiculous coz who will think about blogging those junk food anyway. But on the contrary, I’m not the only one who blogs about junk food. There are many site that blogs about it and as of now I will concentrate locally. Anything that I can find and buy in the supermarket or sari-sari store.
Junk Food | Snack Food Reviews 20,883,288
Manufacturer of organic coconut milk, coconut water, desiccated coconut, banana chips, coconut juice, coconut oil, coconut cream, creamed coconut, virgin coconut oil, coconut sugar, organic coconut oil, popcorn oil, organic, coconut chips, macaroons, organic banana chips, coconut flour, coconut fiber, copra meal, copra cake, rbd coconut oil, refined coconut oil, organic virgin coconut oil
Celebes 23,407,348
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