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Direct Selling and Networking

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Alliance In Motion Global Inc. is the only multi-level marketing company accredited by Natures Way, Utah , USA as its exclusive product distributor in the Philippines and other countries in the world.
MSE Marikina Shoe Exchange - A direct selling company carrying shoes, apparel and accessories
MSE Marikina Shoe Exchange 714,825
Boardwalk Business Ventures, Inc. is a direct-selling and multi-level marketing enterprise with 20 years of experience in the business.
Boardwalk 1,415,814
Number 1 Network Marketing Company in the Industry
UNO International Corporation 1,497,209
First Vita Plus is your vitamin and vitality in a drink and this website will show you how wellness, wholeness and well-being can be within your reach!
First Vita Plus...So Full of Life! 1,512,968
Using the same basic principle of positively changing lives by building relationships, i-FERN engages in direct selling and network marketing. Like its mother company, i-FERN believes in a very simple concept: spreading good health while giving lucrative business opportunities to its members.
i-fern | Global Prosperity Through Entrepreneur.. 3,075,420
The company’s major interest is to create seamless channels of distributions for its products and services around the globe at the same time open business opportunities to every person that benefits the products and services. With this endeavor we are made to help every individual that we will reach who will believe in our belief and intention with the best of what we can as we move on.
Victory Global 3,640,139
Vital C Health Products Inc 4,621,746
iShare Club, Inc. is a web-based social enterprise, conceptualized, designed, organized and instituted by a group of Filipino professionals from various fields. The company operates a website described as an all-in-one destination within which its members benefit from its social networking, shopping, and charity components.
iShare International 9,027,786
GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. is the result of years of strategic planning for best marketing concepts, coupled with technical researches and the assistance of consultants from the US, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. Clinical sampling and surveys were also done in order to come up with Vitamins, Supplemental and Nutritional products that would bring effective results to good health and bring profitable returns at the soonest time possible.
GoldLife Distribution Phils., Inc. 10,262,717
Direct Shopping personally delivers to your homes, a unique and quality catalogue featuring a variety of useful home and lifestyle products at affordable prices. We are one of the fastest growing Companies in Philippines with consistent growth annually.
Direct Shopping 12,581,180
WINS is a Direct Selling and Network Marketing company engaged in the distribution and retailing of high quality health and wellness products using an innovative and sophisticated on-line business platform.
World Intensity Network Solutions Inc. 12,738,992
The Filipino Dream
The Filipino Dream 13,650,020
Lifestyle M&CO. was originally created by the owners to give their employees an alternative source of income. However, because of the quality products being created, M&CO. the brand grew exponentially and had to accept new members from outside the company. It has since then turned into the fastest growing direct selling company it is today.
Lifestyle by M&Co 14,476,877
1,698 is a website where you can buy and find all information about GREEN BARLEY Juice (HWIC) "A total Food / The Miracle Cure". It is built to help anyone who is concerned about health issues and are looking for the highest quality nutritional supplements, (Herba/Natural/Organic). 18,182,670
Royale Wellness and Beauty is an online store of an authorized dealer/distributor of Royale Business Club International Inc., Philippines. This website is to serve you royale products just a click away! Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns about our international transactions.
Royale Wellness and Beauty 19,232,354
Fern-C is Vitamin C in Sodium Ascorbate form. ... You can take as much FERN-C as you want without the negative effects of highly acidic Vitamin C tablets, like gastric irritation, bloating, and intestinal irritation,. Since FERN-C is safe, it was further classified by BFAD as an OTC (over-the-counter) product (no need for prescription). Vitamin C per Philippine Generics Law is known as Ascorbic Acid. 19,668,671
PHYTO Pharma Inc. was created to offer the very best in nutrition and opportunity to Filipinos and the world. Based on a foundation of strength and ingenuity, PHYTO Pharma is poised to revolutionize the Health and Wellness industry, to provide solutions that work by promoting human nutrition as the key for healthy living.
PhytoPharma 21,859,327
We provide truly effective products at affordable prices. Our products are formulated by a world-class research and development team and tested by board-certified dermatologists
Niscenssa Direct Sales 26,454,043
MEGA Corp., is a marketing company distributing health and wellness products, through direct selling.
MEGA Corporation 27,899,610
Naturteq Direct, Inc. (NDI) was established in the first quarter of 2010. Managed by a team of direct selling industry experts, NDI is positioned to be the leading Filipino-owned global direct selling company through its world-class products and unparalleled compensation plan.
Naturteq Direct, Inc. no rank
Shad Enterprise is a Multi Level Industry which means infinite blessings from God. Sharing this concept to endow health, wealth, and with holistic approach for individuals to continuously walk in the road of success, and grasp the future dreams of life, as we provide the inimitable products and easy way to earn.
Shad Enterprise no rank
CEE-NERGY Corporation - For better health and active life
CEE-NERGY Corporation no rank
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